Small control unit FRIPRO GWG III

Technical Description

FRIPRO GWG III is a low-cost modern modular small control unit with Atmel microprocessor technology Flash memory. The device FRIPRO GWG III is, for DIN rail mounting and optional with a front panel modules available.
The GWGIII - basic module has
4 relay outputs active 230VAC/3A changer,
1 active fault relay 230VAC/3A changer,
4 digital inputs as object-related function actuators,
2 analog outputs both, and for 0/4 ... 20mA or 0/2 ... 10V optional are an
   upgradable modular system, with power supply for the signaling loop standard.

Optional interface module RS232,
Optional interface module for communication expansion modules,
Optional interface module GSM annunciator FRIPRO SCOM - 100

The multi-color graphic display, 132 x 32 pixels, backlit, for a temperature range of -20 ... 70 ° C, is capable of the stored menu with user requirements represent.

With four menu buttons, permanently installed operating software can be accessed and specific values are calibrated. This one is in a position to make technologically specific settings within the installed operating software without programming aids. In the standard menu are actuators, such as for water technology, furnished. Constantly available to display the time, date, and the representation of the Operating condition with respect to the rest of the display information and the status displays of active relay outputs.

In dependence on the function of the real-time clock, daytime areas are times of the day set for weekdays, months and years as timer functions. The annually recurring daylight saving changes are on the software side taken into account and always based on the respective actuator output (DO1 .... DO4). Time functions based on the current technology requirements can technologically be dependent set , that is, Day cycles , workspaces, e.c.

Typical proven applications

● Simple control tasks in all technologically the water, climate and
   environmental technology
Machinery and plant construction of all technical areas

Wiring plan, display show and menu parameter/setup.





Operating voltage


Max. Current consumption


Operating temperature range

-20. .. +70 °C

Sensor supply   21V, current limited to 25mA
Analog current input 0/4…20mA
max. 100mA
Analog voltage input 0/2…10V max: 100V, briefly (1 ms) up to 1000V
Analog current output 0/4…20mA max. Load resistance 500Ohm
Analog voltage output 0/2…10V max. Current is internally limited to 31mA
Relay outputs 230VAC/3A changer
Digital inputs 3 mA current loop
Terminal cross-section 1.5 mm ²
Display Graphic display 132x32 pixels

Ordering Required Fields

operating voltage Standard 24VDC…………..…..A
230 VAC/50Hz………………………………......….B
Case design for DIN rail …………….…..H
Case design for front panel mounting …F

FRIPRO GWGIII -                                 …..   -    ….   

FRIPRO Grenzwertgeber 3-H
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FRIPRO Grenzwertgeber 3-F
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