Accessories FRIPRO Z01

Technical Description

The accessories FRIPRO Z01, is a mounting bracket on safe depend the filling level limit value electrodes FRIPRO EE01/FRIPROEE02. This is done with cable glands with strain relief and locknut size M20, M32 and M40 using the commercially available multiple seals the cable gland manufacturers. Thus, it is possible up to 7 electrodes of the type FRIPRO EE01/FRIPRO EE02 safely depend. The carrying web is made of stainless steel 1.4301/304/V2A, in each case 0.8 mm thick as show in Fig slopes for normal loads (2 kg) produced. Is then for suspended loads beyond the carrying web type FRIPRO Z02 to use. The output relay is a changer, max. 3A/230V.


Typical application areas tested

Site assembly points, where a safe depend of the aforementioned electrodes, probes and device is required.

Technical Data




Dimension (Lx W x H):


160 mm x 220 mm x 60 mm


ca. 400 g

Accessories - mounting bracket FRIPRO Z01

Ordering Required Fields

Cable Gland M32……….32
Cable Gland M40……….40

FRIPRO Z01-                 ....