Motor thermal protection relay FRIPRO MSR01

Technical Description

The relay is used to monitor temperatures, eg in motor windings, in conjunction with thermal contacts, eg bimetal. The relay is normally closed contact at T1 - T2 dropped. However, if the contact T1 - T2 opened by an elevated temperature, so the relay is energized and the control circuit for the motor operation, eg Pump motor is permanently interrupted, even when re-closing the contacts T1 and T2. The commissioning of the normal control function can be performed only after termination of the cause of the fault and then pressing the reset button.
The switching state of the relay is optically as follows, shown:
● Green for normal operation
● Red for fault.

The output relay is a changer, max. 3A/230V.

Typical proven applications

● Monitoring of temperatures in the motor windings, ball bearing and other    Industrial plants, in rooms, refrigeration systems and other environmental    equipment,
Humidity monitoring in conjunction with suitable humidity sensors.

Technical Data




Power supply


230VAC 24V DC/AC
Operating Power


750 mW -20 % / +20 %

1 changeover

Switching voltage   12 ... 250 V AC / DC, current-dependent
Switching current
3 A AC / DC, ohmic load
Switching capacity max. 750 VA
100,000 operations at 250V AC , 3A resistive load, continuous operation
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17,5 mm (1 MW ) x 90 mm x 60 mm
Mounting on DIN EN 50022-35
Conductor cross section solid 2 x 2.5 mm ²
Connection cross section stranded 2 x 1.5 mm ²
Features Switching state 2 -color

Ordering Required Fields

Operating voltage 230 VAC…………230
Operating voltage 24 VDC……….…024

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Motor thermal protection relay FRIPRO MSR01
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