Accessories FRIPRO Z02

Technical Description

The accessories FRIPRO Z02, is a supporting line for safe slopes of cabled limit level electrodes and hydrostatic probes with the use of cable glands with strain relief and locknut size M20. The supporting line is made of stainless steel 1.4301/304/V2A, each 1.0 mm thick as shown in Figures slopes for normal loads (2 kg). For supporting line suspended loads beyond the is provided with an additional two-sided bar (up to max. 5 kg). For even larger suspended loads the accessories Z05 is provided. According to the intended use of this suppor tline can be modified according to customer requirements. In further to acquire the aforementioned supporting line for secure mounting of other devices with process connection, e.g. the device FRIPRO NR9401M.

Typical application areas tested

Site assembly points, where a safe slopes aforementioned electrodes is required.

Technical Data




Dimension (Lx W x H):


100 mm x 90 mm x 70 mm


ca. 80 g

Accessories - mounting bracket FRIPRO Z02
Figure FRIPRO Z02

 mounting bracket FRIPRO Z02 with cable glands M20
Figure FRIPRO Z02 with cable glands M20

Ordering Required Fields

total weight up to 2 kg…....2
total weight up to 5 kg…....5

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