Hydrostatic Level Probe FRIPRO P137

Technical Description

Hydrostatic level sensor with front flush ceramic diaphragm, 22 mm housing diameter. Cable according to Bg VV-1.12.96-recommendation food and drinking water suitable optional integrated Pt 100 / Pt 1000 sensor for measuring temperature. 22 mm ideal for 1“ pipes.

Typical application areas tested

Continuous level measurement in open save containers in water supply and
   wastewater disposal, has dams, weir systems, wells e.c.
Special design as FRIPRO P147 for seawater.

Standard measuring ranges Table 1

Ranges Hydrostatic Level Probe FRIPRO P137

Technical data






0...250 mbar to 0...20 bar
Output signal


4...20 mA, 2-wire, 0.5...4.5 V, 3-wire ratio metric, 0...5 V, 0...10 V, 3-wire

 ≤ ± 0,5% FS @ 25°C

Response time   50 ms
Power supply

  9...30V DC: 20 mA/5 V output, 5V DC: 0.5...4.5 V output, 15...30V DC: 10 V output
Ambient temperature
-25...80 °C
Temperature coeff. ≤ ± 0.02% FS/K (zero), ≤ ± 0.02% FS/K (span)
Long term stability   ≤ ± 0.5% FS p. a. (> 400 mbar)
Housing stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
for FRIPRO P147 stainless steel 1.4539 (904L)
ceramic AL2O3
Weight of sensor
ca. 0,2 kg 
Weight of cable   0,4 kg / 10 m 
Electrical connection

  PE cable with pressure compensation capillary and filter


Electrical connections

Hydrostatic Level Probe FRIPRO P137

Figure Hydrostatic level probe FRIPRO137 and
FRIPRO147 dia 22 mm

Abbildung Druckmembran

Figure Pressure diaphragm
dia 22 mm