General Notes on Safety and Danger ASG



1. General information
2. Intended Use
3. General Danger Notes
4. Device Identification
5. Installation of spare and wear parts
6. Responsibilities of the Operator
7. Storage, delivery and transport

1. General Information

1.1 Translation
For delivery to the countries of the EU, the operating instructions are primarily in English    Translated. If in use, with the respective national languages, discrepancies are found    Be, as is always the original version of the FRIPRO - documentation in German, to clarify    Binding or FRIPRO should be consulted for clarification  

1.2 Copyright
The passing and the reproduction of FRIPRO - Product documentation, recovery and    notification of the contents for themselves, as well as to third parties is prohibited. With offense of This undertakes for compensation. All rights reserved.   

1.3 Use of common names
The contents of the FRIPRO - documentation are copyrighted. Company names used are trade names e.c, in no case entitle to believe, to use them otherwise, because behind such names already otherwise copyright trademarks and trade names are hidden. The use of third-party closes it from the liability of FRIPRO.

2. Designated use

In the individual product documentation the precise purpose of each product is well defined. Another imaginary usage is not intended and therefore inadmissible. The stated technical parameters are binding and must be observed according to the manufacturer instructions. All deviating from these requirements use cases that are not approved in writing shall be excluded from the liability of the manufacturer FRIPRO. If the product is nevertheless used inadmissible, the manufacturer FRIPRO is not liable for consequential damages.

3. General Danger Notes

Are dangers the purposes of this documentation are known as these characterized by an a safety alert symbol, like listed beside. Important Instructions on Use will be with a symbolical hand like listed beside can be seen in.
Contact points where there is a danger to live parts to touch, are marked with this symbol.  
Operating instructions which necessitates the decommissioning of the plant, e. g. maintenance, cleaning and / or repair work must be completed in the adjacent symbol
Are the actual country-specific constitutional regulations for the electrical connection, commissioning, and the actual operation of FRIPRO components e.g. VDE in Germany, and to account for the applicable ATEX regulations and complied with.
The valid safety and accident prevention regulations must be observed.

4. Product Labeling

The in the relevant operating instructions, the relevant FRIPRO - Product data product are valid only for the product expressly stated and is not transferable to others. As far as ec for lak of space, the product data is not directly attached to the product and therefore are not immediately recognizable; the specific product characteristics are given in the enclosed operating instructions.

This operating manual is also the proof of warranty claims and is kept carefully. In the operating instructions following information is:
- Name and address of manufacturer
- Product name and type
- CE labeling-Product or. serial number
- Year of construction, or manufacturing date

5. Installation of spare and wear parts

Spare and wear parts not supplied by FRIPRO, parts that were not tested or approved by FRIPRO. The installation or use of these parts is not permitted and may impair the function of the FRIPRO - products. The manufacturer FRIPRO not liable for any such functional impairment.

6. Responsibilities of the Operator

The operator is responsible for independent installation and commissioning instructions to comply with the legislation in force in the EEA framework directives and the relevant single country. The manufacturer has supplied FRIPRO in any case, a proper product with certificate. For the operation, maintenance and repair of the operator is responsible. Except taken accords, are otherwise specified in writing.

7. Storing, Delivery and Transport

The information provided by FRIPRO goods must be inspected immediately upon receipt by the customer. Complaints can be reported within 10 calendar days with the deposited under complaint form. Transport damage must be reported immediately to the delivering carrier upon delivery and to claim it.

The following things are part of the standard delivery:
- The instruction manual / handbook
- The manufacturer's declaration of conformity
- The form quality assurance
- The ordered product
- The delivery

Other objects, such as accessories can be listed on the delivery note.

The following storage conditions are observed:
Temperatures: minimum -30 degrees Celsius
                         maximum +60 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 90% maximum, non-condensing

Electronic modules are protected from corrosive and organic solvent vapors, radioactive radiation and from excessive electromagnetic radiation protected store.

Transports are carried out largely gentle, although all FRIPRO components are intended for a general rough use.

Return shipments must be provided in the original packaging and freight prepaid. Not otherwise the return will not be accepted.