Digital contact manometer FRIPRO PM82

Technical Description

The device is accommodated in a round stainless steel case 80mm. It features a 3-digit LED display. It has a measuring range from 25 mbar to 250 bar. A ceramic measuring cell guarantees a stable and accurate pressure measurement. An analog output 0 (4) .... 20 mA or 0 .... 10V DC PNP output, and a contact of max. 200mA is available. The unit is equipped with all standard process connections are available (see ordering code).

Typical application areas tested:

Pressure measurement and monitoring in pipelines and tanks.

Measuring Ranges

Technical data






0...25 mbar to 0...250 bar
Analog output


0(4)...20 mA, 0...10 V
Contact output


DC PNP, max. 200 mA

Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5% FS @ 25°C
Response time
  200 ms
Power supply
10...30V DC, 20 mA output, 16...30V DC, 10 V output
Ambient temperature
-25... 80 °C
Process temperature -25...100 °C
Temperature coefficient   ≤ ± 0.03% FS/K (zero), ≤ ± 0.02% FS/K (span)
Long term stability   ≤ ± 0.5% FS p. a.
Bayonet lock case 1.4301 (304) IP 67
Process connection
see table1
Sensor   ceramic AL2O3
Electrical connection   M12x1,5 pin connecto

Dimensions (mm)



Electrical connections

Digital contact manometer FRIPRO PM82

Figure PM82