Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02br

Technical Description

Bipolar conductive level probe with a diameter of only 25mm. The construction is very sturdy and durable. The construction is designed so that this electrode can be used for the use in deeb wells. This is for permanent underwater use suitable up to 16 bar. The application is only in actually vertical installation possible way, i.e. freely suspended or with bracket for mounting on the pump body. Industry quality!

Please note:

This electrode is not suitable for use in containers, where flammable liquids and gases are included, or can penetrate, suitable, eg in cesspits, wastewater manholes in garage, service station, etc.

Typical application areas tested

● Dry run protection in deep wells
General level control in deep wells

Technical data




Dimension (L x d)


ca. 150 mm x 40 mm
Weight (electrode)


ca. 300 g
Weight (cable/m)

ca. 60 g

Conductor cross-section   Finely stranded copper, tinned 2x 1.0 mm²
Plastic parts
Metal parts
Stainless steel 1.440/316  V4A
Electrical connectios Cable pressing technology
Cable quality   Pastic hose FRIPRO TLT

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Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02br

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deep wells Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02br
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