Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02iso

Technical Description

Modern drinking water suitable level probe with a high standard of hygiene. Durable.
The level probe FRIPRO EE-02iso is a high quality bipolar level probe with an insulating sheath, made of stainless steel. This prevents the direct contact of the electrode pins with other electrically conductive parts of the system. Socalled malfunctions are excluded.
This level probe is primarily intended for use in drinking water systems, for level control.
This electrode is available in two types:
● Without cable break monitoring as EE-02Oiso and
● Cable breaks monitoring as EE-02Riso, and is primarily intended for use in drinking
   water systems for level control and it can also be used.

Please note:

This electrode is not suitable for use in containers, where flammable liquids and gases are included, or can penetrate, suitable, eg in cesspits, wastewater manholes in garage, service station, etc.

Typical application areas tested

● Drinking water storage tank, e.g. realization dry run protection and overfill protection, ● Other conductive pure process water systems

Technical data

 FRIPRO EE-02iso



Dimension (L x d)


ca. 150 mm x 25 mm
Weight (electrode)


ca. 250 g
Weight (cable/m)

ca. 80 g

Conductor cross-section   Finely stranded copper, tinned 2x 1.0 mm²
Plastic parts
Metal parts
Stainless steel 1.440/316  V4A
Electrical connectios Cable pressing technology
Cable quality   Pastic hose FRIPRO TLT

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Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02iso

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cable ength.................................m
no cable break monitoring..........O
cable break monitoring................R

Conductive level probe FRIPRO EE-02iso

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